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Spun Polyester Thread

40/2,50/2,60/3, 60/4,60/6, 60s/2, 30s/2, 20s/2, 20s/3, 20s/4, 20s/6, 20s/9
Made of 100% Spun Polyester, Sewtech sewing thread has even structure and good resistance to sunlight and chemical degradation. It provides reliable sewing performance on high-speed sewing machines.

  • The special lubrication formula provides smooth seam performance
  • Best price with over 1000 color choices
  • 100%Spun Poly, sun-resistant and resistant to chemical degradation
  • Certificated to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, Class I, the most stringent class covering textile items for babies and toddlers.

Main Aplication

  • fashion clothes
  • underwear
  • sports wear
  • jeans/thick cloth
  • bags

Other applications

Since sewing thread can be used in very different conditions and operations, users should test the thread in advance to ensure that it is suitable for use. The above technical data is based on average test results, it is for reference only.

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